Health Benefits of Spicy Foods

Spicy foods have never been the choice of everyone. Some finds it unbearable while some loves that fiery taste that can be felt in the mouth when you eat it. While some others think spicy foods can cause harm to the body.

But, do you know?

“Eating spicy foods is actually beneficial for the health.”

Here are some good reasons to add some more spice to your life.

  1. Digestive Tract

As year passes by, there has been much more speculation about spicy food. It is said that consuming them may result in upset stomach especially for people with ulcers. But as per the scientific research, capsaicin found in chili peppers has anti-irritant properties that reduce the acidity in the digestive tract and kills the bacteria that causes ulcer. Not only that, capsaicin has anti-oxidants to prevent stomachache which quite benefits people with ulcers.

  1. Weight Loss

You might have heard a lot that spicy food can help you lose weight. Yes, that’s absolutely true.

The capsaicin found in chili peppers speeds up your metabolism and triggers thermogenesis creating heat to burn fat. Add some spice to your favorite food and lose weight more naturally.

  1. Healthy Heart

Over the years, scientific research has proven that spicy foods promote a healthy heart.  Eating spicy food lessen the risk of having heart diseases like heart attack and stroke along with lowering blood serum cholesterol and maintaining good blood flow.

  1. Minimize Risk of Cancer

Studies have proven that capsaicin reduce the growth of cancer cells of the prostate along with destroying cancer cells.

  1. Relief Pain

Capsaicin acts as a pain reliever by dulling the body’s pain sensation. So, it is often used as an ingredient in pain relief creams and medications. It targets the neurotransmitter called “chemical P” that acts as a pain signal of our body. This pain signal plays an important role in cases of hurt and injury. Even in treating arthritis, eating spicy foods is often advised to aid in joint pain.

  1. Boost Immune System

As you already know capsaicin is full of antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, thus, eating hot peppers can boost up your immune system and help your body fight against flu and colds.

  1. Reduce Symptoms of Depression

Spicy food, not exactly treat depression but can lighten the mood. Spicy foods help the body release serotonin in the brain that boost up the mood and reduce depression.

  1. Prevents Bad Breath

The antimicrobial property of capsaicin helps you to improve the odor of your breath acting as disinfectant.

  1. Increase level of Libido

Researcher says that spicy foods can also increase levels of testosterone hormones which have a connection to libido. So if you’re not feeling it tonight but you don’t want to disappoint your partner, grabbing some spicy meal can be the key.

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